"Through Dr. de Wit’s rare combination of experience, humour, and empathy, you will learn how to identify your own sex blueprint and “update and upgrade” it to not only create sexual success but, more important, to keep it and continually evolve with it. In this book you will be introduced to 4 steps of the Sexual Freedom System, the 17 Sexual Freedom Principles and the 20 Sexual Freedom Techniques which map out how to move from where you are now to where you want to be by shifting your thinking and actions to create the sexual relationship(s) you want. Each step includes action items for you to practice in the real world in order to dramatically increase your levels of communication, confidence, intimacy and PLEASURE!"

“I finally realized that in order to get over my sexual frustrations and fears; I had to develop a better relationship with myself. I was able to find the missing piece to the puzzle.” Lauren D. Toronto, ONT

“This program was revealing, actionable and fun. It was an access point for me to delve into who I really am sexually. I would highly recommend his program to anyone looking to explore such personal matters." Brian T. New York, NY

“I am more confident having conversations I would otherwise never have with my partner a week ago. I am more open to my partner’s wants and desires and more expressive with my partner. My relationship with my partner has expanded. I am now aware how lucky I am to be in love with my partner and be fully sexually expressed in my relationship.” Vanessa D. Vancouver, BC

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